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5 Ways To Optimise Your Instagram Page

Instagram is a platform driven by content and more importantly, aesthetics. People follow Instagrams for information, inspirations and good content. With influencer marketing, your business account is undoubtedly the first touch-point for potential customers – it’s important to optimise your page to make that first impression count.

How to Optimise Your Instagram Brand Page?

Here are 5 ways how from a consumer perspective:

1. Making use of highlights

The first thing you see on an Instagram account will be the Highlights. Keep these floating circles relevant for your brand. As a general guide, go for the marketing 4Ps – Price, Product, Place, Promotion. The price-sensitive customers look straight at the price before making a conscious buying decision; the informed ones look at the product features and how it sets apart from your competitors. Check out some of the apps out there you can use to beautify your Instagram Stories. As a rule-of-thumb, avoid spamming highlights – too many pinned stories become unfocused and distracting for consumers.

2. Keep content fresh and consistent

It’s easier for someone to unfollow a brand compared to a person since there is no attachment or social obligation involved. Keep your content fresh and post consistently – higher engagement and sticking to a fixed posting schedule puts your post higher on the Instagram algorithm.

3. Embark on proper product education

So what sets your product apart from others? Go for an educational carousel posts to inform your customers and keep them swiping to find out more. Informative posts tend to get more “saves” and an engaging carousel post brings higher engagement rate.

4. Becoming a look-book of inspirations

It can be a page of meme-worthy photos to a carefully-curated page. Find your niche and keep your audience engaged.

5. Creating easy Call-to-Action

While Instagram is still not a functioning platform for e-commerce yet, you can now add in tabs and links to redirect customers out. Keep your CTAs strong and easy for customers to act on them. Make information accessible – as a consumer, you want to know about the price, location and promotions. Keep these key information within visible reach, so that potential customers will not bounce off your page.

Social Media Management For Your Brand

Looking to outsource your social media management to an agency? Speak to us for ideas and strategies to grow and optimise your social media platform, to leverage and get the most out of them!

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