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Taking Your Business Online: 5 New Trends Amidst COVID-19

It’s time to digitise or lose out on potential opportunities. With Singapore entering #CircuitBreaker for a little more than 2 months, we've seen and felt the impact it had on businesses, and how it accelerated the Offline-to-Online (O2O) shift in consumer sectors.

5 New Trends to Take Your Business Online

We believe the pandemic and the "new normal" is here to stay, so it is best for businesses to be agile and adapt accordingly. Here are some of the key trends we see in the public relations and digital marketing aspects.

1. Live Streaming

With everyone staying home to #FlattenTheCurve, live-streaming has become an entertainment avenue for the streaming generation. Think of it as the infomercials in the 90s but rebranded. From Lazada to Shopee having dedicated digital team running their live-streams, we see more and more marketing efforts invested into this avenue. Small businesses can tap onto this trend for their brands. Keep it engaging with a game-show or lucky raffle style, or pay for a prominent influencer host with a strong personality to run the program.

2. Media Drops

Maybe it’s time to check out your Taobao cart for the beautiful take-home packaging you’ve been eyeing. Consumer experiences such as dining and beauty treatments have been forced to take place in the comfort of the home – it’s important to fill in the gaps with your products. Design your home experiences in beautiful packaging – social sharing is all about creating a holistic experience!

3. Subscription & Gift Boxes

So you can’t meet your friends to show your love for them, but you can send them love in boxes. Subscription & Gift boxes are coming back in trend, and today we have more than just coffee – think craft beers, smoothies and even health supplements. After all, the money you spent going out with friends are just redirected to sending them gifts, while staying and working from home.

4. ZOOM Events

So what if physical events cannot be held? If your business allows, opt for ZOOM meetings, where you invite your stakeholders for an interesting product sharing or “launch” event over a conference call. We’ve see fitness classes, product launches and even media tastings making their rounds on social media.

5. The #SupportLocal Intiative

There’s a strong push for #SupportLocal initiative in Singapore; even TripAdvisor has launched its #LoveYourLocalSG campaign to offer free publicity for local businesses through its network of influencers. Supporting local businesses can mean so much – through interesting collaborations, tweaking supply chains to launching PR-driven campaigns to win hearts.

Public Relations and Marketing Agency For Your Needs

Hiring an agency to execute your PR and marketing campaigns means more brains, ideas and perspectives. Reach out to us for a quick coffee chat and free consultation for your brand, to see which type of strategy will work for you. Let's turn a crisis into an opportunity!

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